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What is the root chakra and how to open the Root Chakra

The Root Chakra

The energy centers in the human body are known as chakras. “we addressed earlie What are chakras, and how many chakras are there in a human?” today We’ll be delving into the Muladhara chakra in depth. Often known as the root chakra in the western world.

Muladhara chakra comprises two Sanskrit words: mool and aadhar, where mool means “basic” and aadhar means “Support” In other words, Muladhara is the basic foundation of the human energy system and physical structure.

root chakra , muladhara chakra

Muladhara, as a result, is the first chakra and serves as the base for the other six chakras. Muladhara energy is linked to the most basic and foundational aspects of life, such as survival, security, food, and being connected to Mother Earth.

If the base is vulnerable, it is impossible to experience good health, happiness, and joy. Anxiety, insecurity, detachedness, and hopelessness become increasingly prevalent.

When there is no restriction of energy flow in Muladhara, it is simple to work with the other six chakras above it.

As a result, the role of this chakra in human life is immense.

Consider the following example: You construct a home, and its fundamental support, the “foundation,” is frail or underdeveloped. Will your house be substantial, will it be able to withstand any climatic issues, and will you enjoy living there?

When the flow of energy is disrupted in the root chakra. physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms begin to manifest

If your chakras are overcharged or overactive, both are not warranted. To live a happy and harmonious life, you must always maintain a sense of balance.

Root chakra general information :-

Element :- Earth

Color :- Red

Chakras :- 1st

Location :- Perenium

Beej mantra :- “LAM”

Signs that your root chakra is Unbalanced or disrupted

1. A feeling of insecurity

The root chakra’s energy is linked to our most basic and foundational needs, such as food, shelter, income, and protection. Unbalanced root chakra indicates uncertainty in all facets of life, including financial situation, constant health concerns, and constant fear of failure.

2. Anxiety, fear, and restlessness

Anxiety, fear, and restlessness are all feelings that people have when they are anxious, afraid, or restless
Fear and anxiety are daily companions for someone who has a deficient root chakra. There is an unspoken fear of failure, excessive tension in many areas, and a fractious everyday existence, similar to expecting to construct a multi-story building on a shaky foundation.

3. Depression, apathy, and indecisiveness

When the energy flow in the root chakra is restricted , a person becomes depressed and passive. There’s a constant sense of disconnection ( I don’t belong here) and scattered feeling . Above all, with all of the fear and chaotic sense of feeling , there is a lack of decision-making, and one becomes indecisive, making it difficult to make important life decisions.

4. Negativity in excess

A person with a weak root chakra experiences a lot of negativity in their mind, which further blocks all positive behavior.

Some of the ways to Open or balance Root chakra


1. Yoga

Yoga is one of the most accurate ways to sync the energies and balance the chakras, regardless of how disrupted the energy flow is. Yoga refers to the distance between the prana energy and the physical body called “addition” in Sanskrit. It is one of the most effective methods for balancing root chakra and overall life energy.

2. Pranayama

Pranayama is a breathing technique that does not go deep. Pranayama is a breathing technique that aids in breathing control. It activates and cleanses all seven chakras in the human body simultaneously, beginning at the root chakra, where kundalini energy resides and ending at the crown chakra, Sahasrara. There are eight different pranayama techniques, with anulom-vilom (also known as Nadi shodhan), bhastrika, and kapalbhati playing the most critical roles in chakra cleansing and being the most common.

3. Using Crystals for root chakra

In nature and mother earth, there are a variety of stones and crystals to be found. These crystals have distinct energy that can energize the root chakras to a degree. These crystals assist in energy alignment and are ideally used in conjunction with other therapies such as yoga and pranayama.

4. Foodstuffs and herbs:

Aahar (food), vichar (thought), and vyavhar (behavior) determine our success and wellness in life in Ayurveda and the ancient Indian healing system. Food is an essential component of our growth, not only physically but also spiritually. What we eat directly impacts our energy system and physical bodies, and certain foods and herbs energize and stabilize our root chakra.

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