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22 Root Chakra Affirmations To Boost Root Chakra

The root is always vital, no matter what. The thing which isn’t seen by the naked eye holds more than the Power you can ever think of If you go on planting a tree or building a house, a robust foundation “root” is a must to assure the proper functioning of loads that it holds. the root chakra affirmations helps out to empower the root chakra


The chakras have been a hot topic which has been much talked about, there are various views about it.

Life must have a root, isn’t it to hold and grow the physical body and build the intelligence to survive and thrive in this world? We have discussed in-depth what root chakra is and how it plays a role .

root chakra , muladhara chakra

Let me give you a brief introduction to it. It is the 1st chakra that has utmost importance. If the root chakra is functioning well enough, you can efficiently work with the other chakras and make your way. It signifies how rooted you are in life and with this world .

if you don’t know what chakras are you can read here in detail.

What are the characteristics of root chakra?

A root chakra manifest security, health, immunity, confidence being connected to this world.

What does a weak or blocked root chakra manifest

A flimsy root chakra manifest insecurity, uncertainty, low self-confidence, poor immunity, continuous health problem, detachedness and continuous dwelling on shaping up the life but as written above, it’s hard to build something powerful on a fragile base .


Here I will be sharing some root chakra affirmation to strengthen root chakra and feel much more confident.


I want to clarify that the affirmation works, but Other firm techniques are prominent to unblock root chakra energy. The affirmation can be a great supplement to it , a great cherry on the top.


Root chakra affirmations

Root Chakra Affirmations

  1. I trust myself
  2. I am confident
  3. I love life
  4. I am successful
  5. I am grateful
  6. I am in control
  7. I feel safe
  8. I feel grounded
  9. I am protected
  10. I am in control
  11. I am courageous
  12. I am stable
  13. I am prosperous
  14. I love my life
  15. I am nourished
  16. I trust life
  17. I am strong
  18. I can deal with anything in life.
  19. I am financially free.
  20. I release any fear and doubt.
  21. I belong here
  22. I have everything I need


These are some of the root chakra affirmations you should use daily to feel much better and to strengthen your root chakra.

A strong root chakra will bring much more harmony in life with peace, joy, health. It will be easier to grow physically, financially and spiritually in life and awaken other chakras, including sacral, solar plexus, Anahata, vishshuddhi , ajna and crownchakra.

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