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Miracle Effects Of Coconut Oil For Skin, Hair And Other Health Issues

We all know that coconut oil is miraculous and it has a number of benefits. In this article we will talk about some of the benefits linked to this special oil.

• Coconut oil for acne treatment – Oily-skinned girls suffer from acne and blemishes. This creates a hindrance in their beauty. Do you know that coconut oil can remove these ugly blemishes and acne right from your skin? Today, people are using it as one of the important items among cosmetics. Applying it gently over the affected area regularly will remove the spots.

• Prevent cancer – Today, cancer has become one of the deadly diseases in society. It can affect one part of your body and then further spread to other portions. You must have heard about colorectal cancer. But, if you can massage your body with coconut oil on a regular basis, cancer will be prevented.

• Treats cancer easily – Coconut oil consists of Lauric acid. Don’t get confused, this is a helpful acid that can eradicate many diseases after consumption. Sometimes harmful pathogens get inside your body through different means. It includes bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.

• Kills cancer cells in 2 days- You will be surprised to learn that, coconut oil will kill cancer cells. Studies says that the cancer affected cells are contagious. It spreads like sand and water. But, coconut oil forms a natural remedy to this. Yes, it will kill 90 percent of cancer cells in just 2 days.

• Lack of follow up- People are finding different ways to remove cancer. Even researchers are working hard on this fact. There was a time when coconut oil was involved in cancer destroying research. But, the follow up was missing. The intervention and conflict of Pharma Company can be a reason.

• Magic in oil – Coconut oil has the magical property of making your immunity strong. You will be surprised to know that even this oil is present in a mother’s breast milk. As a result, the newborn child gets strong immunity. You can also remove the issue of diseases like herpes through coconut oil. Massaging your hair with coconut oil can keep you away from the issue known as Alzheimer’s. Older people with the problem of Osteoporosis can also get remedies from this. Try this for your skin, hair and even consume it appropriately.

Recipe for making beneficial Shaving Cream with the help of Coconut Oil –


• Half cup coconut oil
• Half cup cocoa butter
• Two tablespoon olive oil
• Two tablespoon liquid castile soap
• Two vitamin E capsules
• 20-40 drops vanilla for a charming scent but it is not essential (you can add it if required)

The coconut oil can also boast of a clogging effect on your razor, so be confident to wash in an exhaustive manner and often to keep things running in a smooth and diplomatic manner.

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